“a balance of nature, serendipity and intention ” …

I grew up in Woodstock Ontario, Canada where I was fortunate to have had an excellent high school where professional artists taught a wide range of skills with various mediums. I  moved to Toronto in 1979 and worked as a freelance artist for many years exploring a variety of creative streams, from graphic design to illustration, sculpture, to murals, and statue restoration.  Throughout my varied career I continued to hone my skills as a painter.

In 2005 I set up my painting studio in Parkdale, Toronto’s west end. Close to Lake Ontario and High Park, complete with marshes and wetlands. These precious resources continue to teach and inspire.

I have been painting full time since 2006. 

As an artist, I am fascinated by the movement, fluidity, and beauty of water. Through my paintings, I strive to capture the essence of water and its transformative nature. Using fluid acrylic paint, I create impressionist versions of water that invite viewers to experience the power and tranquility of this vital element.

My process involves a delicate balance of control and spontaneity. I carefully layer and blend colours to create the illusion of light and reflection, while also allowing the paint to flow and interact on the canvas. This approach allows me to capture the ever-changing qualities of water and the dynamic interplay between light and shadow.

My work is inspired by the natural world, and I am constantly seeking new ways to capture the essence of water in all its forms. From tranquil lakes and rivers to turbulent oceans and stormy seas, each piece is a unique expression of the beauty and power of this essential element.

Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create paintings that inspire a sense of wonder and awe in the viewer. Through my work, I hope to spark a deeper appreciation for the natural world and the essential role that water plays in our lives.