About the artist

Elva Hook
Elva Hook

Elva Hook is a professional artist in Toronto best known for her impressionist waterscapes and unique painting technique. Her studio in Parkdale is only minutes away from the inspiration of Lake Ontario and High Park.
Through her years of experimenting with acrylic paint she has observed a deep connection to our liquid reality, an existence constantly in flux and mutable.
Working with fluid acrylics, she adds mediums to keep the paint moving for as long as possible. Gravity and agitation encourage her recipe to integrate while intrinsic patterns and waves emerge. Flow is continually interrupted to startle predictability and provoke entanglement. The process is comparable to natural forces affecting land and waterscapes.
Each piece Elva creates represents a balance of nature, serendipity and intention; the same three forces that conspire to make High Park such a boundless source of inspiration. Together they are a constant, in the air, the light, the trees, but most perfectly, in its waterways.


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