“a balance of nature, serendipity and intention ” …

I grew up in Woodstock Ontario, Canada. I was fortunate to have had an excellent high school where professional artists taught a wide range of skills with various mediums. I attended Sheridan College for a short while, then  moved to Toronto. Freelancing allowed me to explore a variety of creative streams, from graphic design to illustration, sculpture, to painting murals, and statue restoration.  Throughout my varied career I continued to hone my skills as a painter.

In 2005 I set up my painting studio in Parkdale, Toronto’s west end. Close to Lake Ontario and High Park, complete with marshes and wetlands. These precious resources continue to teach and inspire.

I have been painting full time since 2006. Through years of experimenting with paint I have observed my connection to a liquid reality, an existence constantly in flux and mutable.

Working with fluid acrylics, I add mediums to keep the paint moving for as long as possible. Gravity and agitation encourage the recipe to integrate while intrinsic patterns and waves emerge. Flow is continually interrupted to startle predictability and provoke entanglement. Touches of realism help bring the abstract aspects into focus. 

The process is comparable to natural forces affecting land and waterscapes.I strive to create a balance of nature, serendipity and intention; the same three forces that conspire to make our world a boundless source of inspiration. Together they are a constant, in the air, the light, the trees, but most perfectly, in its waterways.